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"He started painting at age five. Maybe that's why he never took seriously 'that thing of being an artist'. He has dedicated his efforts and rigor to architecture and scenography, and grew up painting secretly, in the shadow of other creators. Carlos concurred on a forum, with the InspirArte Foundation and through it he did participate in an artist residency in Ifitry (Essaouira, Morocco). There he released the fear and displayed in a solo exhibition on that Journey, audiences and critics applauded his art. Since then he has not stopped to investigate, experiment to show on any material this urge to throw color to his emotions. " Pilar Algarra

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Plaza del Tossal nº 13 pta 2
46001 Valencia (Spain)

Tel./Fax: (0034) 96 391 00 98



Since I was born to recent years

Since I can remember, I always felt a special attraction to draw. And also, which is not the same, to learn to draw. To copy the reality and to catch it on paper. I confess that I've drawn a lot and I have copied everything I could.

Over recent years, I have become a painter. I always felt comfortable drawing and painting. I needed that. I could never go long without smell the paint, without to stain me. I used every possible occasion to "design" painting, when I could just paint.

Awards and Paint Exhibitions

Several works From 1997 to Present

MARTE, Contemporary Art Fair of Castellón Group exhibition. Castellón. Spain
“Le toro isolé”. Solo exhibition. World Painting Gallery in Paris, France
“Tierra, uva y vino”. Exhibition with Salva Nebot the photographer. Restaurante Elías in Chinorlet, Alicante. Spain
“Tierra, uva y vino”. Exhibition with Salva Nebot the photographer. Cube Grup in Alicante. Spain
Biennale Internationale de Casablanca. Group exhibition. Casablanca, Morocco
“Spanish life”. Solo exhibition. Hosh Art Center en Doha, Qatar
" Country Papers ." Solo exhibition. Space DiLab Urueña, Valladolid. Spain
"Land, grapes and wine." Solo exhibition. Gallery Bodega Emina (Matarromera) in Valbuena de Duero, Valladolid. Spain
" Christmas in Art ". Group exhibition. Gallery Four of Valencia. Spain
" Ciutat Vella Open. Valencia Festival of the Arts ". Group exhibition. Ibercaja Gallery in Valencia. Spain
" Art Open Views ". Group exhibition. Different areas of the Barrio del Carmen in Valencia. Spain
" Travel Ifitry ". Solo exhibition. Gallery Four of Valencia. Spain
Inspire Foundation Fellowship to work at La Residence and Contemporary Art Centre Ifitry in Essaouira (Morocco).
"Work & Spaces". Group exhibition. Spaces of Work & Valencia. Spain
" Klee Kulturproyect ". Solo exhibition. Klee Kulturproyect of Valencia. Spain
"Paintings and Drawings ". Solo exhibition. Workshop in Valencia. Spain
"Paintings ". Solo exhibition. Karagato gallery in Jávea (Alicante). Spain

Stage Designer


1980 - Present

In theater all arts converge, perhaps for this reason I was interested from the beginning and also the possibility for teamwork, combining efforts. Also in the set design you have two great tools, one is the dramatic text, the story to tell and the other, the duration of the show and that allows you to express your idea, working with the psychology of the viewer.
I began my relationship with the theater in 1980 with the launch of the company Ananda Dansa, doing set designs, graphic design and other both artistic and technical work.


Several Works March 2007 - February 2010

- Theatrical Production Award of the City of Valencia "DANSA" Ananda Dansa Company. [1982]
- MAX Award for best musical of the Production "I love you, you're perfect, now I'll change you" with Marcus Vania Productions. Madrid. [2000]


University of Valencia (Spain)

Superior Technical School of Architecture 1989

Since 1989 I have carried out numerous projects within the area of architecture, some notable projects of houses, warehouses, restaurants, pubs, shops, commercial premises, offices, sports facilities, etc...

Theatre Architecture

Several works From 1980 to Present

Knowledge of theater environment from a practical point of view, together with academic training in architecture has allowed me for these 30 years professional development do work ranging from stage design, alterations, renovations and projects to stage projects and construction management of theater buildings and public audience, both new construction and rehabilitation.
In addition, I have taught courses and conferences as an expert on theater architecture, performing arts and set design.

Architecture Awards

Several works From 1998 to Present

- Award competition and award of Theatre and Cultural Center project Xirivella (Valencia).
- Award competition Construction and housing construction and equipment in Pécs (Hungary).
- Award competition and award Rehabilitation project Teatro Echegaray Ontinyent (Valencia).
- Award competition and award of the Municipal Sports Hall of Altea (Alicante) project.
- Award competition and award of the Municipal Auditorium Theatre and Conservatory Catarroja (Valencia) project.
- Award contest and award-Teatro Municipal Auditorium of Andorra (Teruel) project.
- AVEA 1998 Prize awarded by the Provincial Association of Building for Rehabilitation and new construction of the Talia Theater of Valencia.

Client Testimonials

  • Watercolor, music and paintings of various sizes together in the exhibition "Field Papers" by Carlos Montesinos, inaugurated this morning in Urueña (Valladolid), in which the painter has shaped the wildlife and colors of the Castilian fields "simple and intuitive" painting.

    La Vanguardia - Efe Agency
  • "I am particularly interested in convey emotions," said the artist, who has said that for that reason enhances the color in his work and the shapes are often blurred.

    El Economista - Efe Agency

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